There are two editions of Avalon Hill’s Kingmaker board game.

The game is based on the premise that the powerful Noble families used the Lancastrian and Yorkist princes as pawns in a greater game of gaining control of England. Players control factions using their military and political power to control and influence the royal heirs, supporting the heir in their control as king while trying to take down all of the other heirs.

If the game’s setting feels a bit familiar, it should. The War of the Roses (15th Century English Civil War) inspired George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones books and HBO series.

Today I’m posting photos of the cards and counters for reference.

Kingmaker: Game of the 15th Century British Civil War [BOX SET]

1976 (1st edition), 1983 (2nd) … Avalon Hill AH 818

• 1 21″x23″ mounted mapboard
• 24 page Rulebook & Historical Notes
• 90 Event cards
• 80 Crown cards
• 125 die-cut playing pieces

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Box Bottom



Kingmaker 1st game board-001

Kingmaker Variant Cards: 25 additional event cards

Kingmaker Variant Event cards

Bonus pic: Kingmaker PC CD-ROM set (1993)

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