TSR did something a bit confusing back in 1989, and can cause headaches in online buying/selling today.

They’d made a conscious break in eschewing a hardcover monster manual for AD&D 2e, in favor of a Monstrous Compendium binder.

It did mean a lot of MC Appendix releases. Lots of accessories to name. And so a sheets pack got the same name as the second three ring binder in the MC series.

The Monstrous Compendium Volume Two sheets (TSR 2103: The other half of classic AD&D monsters began in the first binder) are an entirely different accessory than the Volume Two binder (TSR 2105: Dragonlance Appendix).

MC4 binder NOT MC2
TSR 2105 binder & TSR 2103 sheet pack
MC4 binder printings
TSR 2105 binder was released as Monstrous Compendium, Volume Two and Monstrous Compendium: Dragonlance Appendix

Reference site page for the Monstrous Compendium documenting releases.

I have a nice Volume Two Binder in the shop today, thought I’d document it here at the blog, illustrate the confusing nomenclature, then realized the MC reference site page needed a lot of work, and – hoo-boy – down that rabbit hole I fell…

Since the beginning, I had the various campaign world MC sheet pack entries with their respective web pages (Dark Sun, Spelljammer, etc.). But I realized today that the MC series needed to be seen as a whole.

There are way more Monstrous Compendium releases than I’d imagined. Probably missed one or two.

Monstrous Compendiums for sale in the shop

Monstrous Compendium PDFs for sale at DriveThruRPG

Here are some photos of the Volume Two Binder!

MC4 binder set

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