“Armageddon… 2121… the year the missiles fell. For three-quarters of a century man had held the atomic genie in check. Then the long-dreaded nightmare happened. The nations of Europe and North America went to war…and took the atom with them. Over a 10-day period that spring some 11,000 warheads exploded over the northern hemisphere, turning most of the world’s great cities into radioactive slag and filling the atmosphere with invisible death.” – Introduction

Omega War set

Omega War: Science Fantasy Adventure Game
1983 … David James Ritchie … TSR
22″ x 34″ game map
sheet of 200 cardboard playing pieces
32-page booklet of rules and support material


Omega War in the shop


Ares 14Omega War was the special feature insert strategic game for Ares Magazine, issue 14. James Maliszewski  at Grognardia has a great review of that magazine issue, but here my focus is on the game, in particular, the art and graphics.



The Rules

Omega War rules 1st page


Omega War rules art 2


Omega War rules 1st page credits


David James Ritchie wrote the game. His best known work includes 2nd and 3rd editions of Gamma World and the DA-series D&D modules. The whole game has a strong Gamma World vibe.

Timothy Truman inked all the art in the game (as well as the magazine cover). The art really makes the game in my opinion. You’ll recognize Truman’s work from numerous (A)D&D illustrations. First one that comes to mind is the cover of the revised module X1 – The Isle of Dread.


Omega War rules art 1

Omega War rules art 3

Omega War rules art 4

Omega War rules art 5

Omega War rules art 6

The Map & Counters

Omega War map

Omega War map det 1

Omega War map det 2

Omega War counters 1

Omega War counters 2


Omega War in the shop



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