I got an email request this morning :

I am wondering if you happen to know the color of the dice original to COC box editions 1-3?

I cropped some dice pics out of Chaosium Call of Cthulhu set reference shots I have saved and sent them back. So I thought I’d post them here too for posterity. The pics are crops, so a touch grainy. They’re old photos, not representing items currently for sale.

Can’t guarantee they’re all original dice – being used sets – but I have good reason to believe they are, based on the completeness and condition of everything else in the box.

See my Call of Cthulhu RPG reference page for more info about the sets themselves.

Call of Cthulhu 1st Ed (ca 1981) Deep Box dice
Call of Cthulhu 2nd Ed (1983, now Thin Box) dice
Call of Cthulhu 2nd Ed dice. Example 2, a later printing I believe.
Call of Cthulhu 2nd Ed (1983, Games Workshop UK) dice
Call of Cthulhu 3rd Ed (1985) dice

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