My two older boys and I played a Sunday game of Talisman, a classic boardgame with a lot of RPG elements.

I picked the Prophetess as my character. My eldest son plays her every game, so I pried her away from him this time!
My middle son, playing the Wizard, first move encounters a Dragon which promptly takes one of his lives.
My first move I encountered the very beneficial Magic Stream, which supplies 1 Strength to every visitor until gone. We’re always hanging around these spots in game.
My eldest, playing the Minstrel, wandered into the Tavern, and lost a fight to a farmer.
My Prophetess visits the Tavern and gets drunk. She would go on to set a poor moral example, repeatedly carousing at the bar during the game, getting drunk one more time, fighting with farmers (twice), and gambling (winning once and losing once). On the flip side, she must have been into exercise, ’cause I continuously collected Strength – and not Craft for some bizarre reason, given she’s a caster. So behold my Prophetess: The Swole Barfly!
I used Mesmerism spell to steal my son’s Mule!
The Minstrel was busy racking up extra lives, winning over a Maiden and a Unicorn, and charmed a Bear.
The Prophetess abruptly left the Tavern, built a Raft, crossed directly over to the Portal of Power, and passed the challenge to proceed beyond. A series of very lucky rolls! My sons were annoyed, but happy that somebody was going to win the game soon.
The Prophetess cleared all the subsequent challenges and seized the Crown of Command!

Wayne’s Books Inventory for Talisman

You will see various editions by Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games. They’re all quite similar to each other. Just grab a core set and start playing. Replay value is high with Talisman, not to mention its various expansions.

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