Just listed this on eBay [link long dead], a must for the Traveller collector: This is the hard-to-find Cargonaut Press Keith Brothers “Lost Supplements” collection for Traveller, published in 1999, but the material itself is much older, dating from the 1980s. The publications inside never made it into Marc Miller’s CD-ROMs at Far Future Enterprises. In addition to the 8 books, there is an envelope loaded with extras.

For more information, see the page on our RPG reference site: http://waynesbooks.com/cargonautpress.html

EDIT 11/21/2019

Marischal w envelope

Traveller: Marischal Adventures – Set of 3
Rare Traveller release from 1981. Three of the Marischal adventure folios in the set (Fleetwatch, Flight of the Stag, and Salvage Mission), plus the original mailing envelope.

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