Just a year after TSR released the legendary Marvel Super Heroes RPG (1984), Mayfair Games replied with the DC HEROES Roleplaying game (1985).

I’ve got a nice 1st edition box set passing through the shop, so it was time to create a post similar to my earlier gallery, DC HEROES RPG 2e (1989): Card Photos and Reference. Both these sets are troublesome for collectors and players shopping the used market. Often prior owners would pull aside and keep favorite cards, leaving incomplete sets. I’ve seen so many partial DCH sets over the years. With these info pages, you can see what, if anything, is missing from your set.

DC Heroes Role Playing Game [BOX SET]

1985 … Greg Gorden … Mayfair Games 201 … ISBN 0425066339

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“The 1985 first edition boxed set with the George Perez cover was released while the DC mega-event Crisis on Infinite Earths was taking place, so the DC Universe was in a bit of flux. Certain characters like Superman were statted out in their pre-Crisis versions. […] The game used a system designed by Greg Gorden (one of the greatest designers in role-playing game history) and later revised by Ray Winninger (another legend). It has been referred to in many circles as the Mayfair Exponential Gaming System, or MEGS for short. The system used a measurement called an Attribute Point, or AP for short. The AP measured everything from distance to time and even space.”

Much more at the DC Heroes RPG Retrospective on RPGPub

Read This First – Quickstart Rules

16 pages

A Titan, Nevermore

32 pages

Includes Titans’ Challenge Solitaire Module

Players’ Manual

40 pages

APs and the World, Combat, Character Design.

Gamemaster’s Manual

96 pages

Powers & Skills book

40 pages

Gamemaster’s Screen

3 panel, paperboard

Character Cards (30)

Stand-up Character Counters (39)

Dice & Plastic Stands

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