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Sell or Trade your RPGs to Wayne – It’s Easy!

Offers / Trades

Email me offer@waynesbooks.co

If you have some RPGs, sci-fi/fantasy booksgames, or related pop culture items you’d like to sell or trade, tell us about it!  We pay top $ for collectible Dungeons & Dragons and other old school RPGs.

  • Real Offers. You get offered the max I can pay for your lot or collection, take it or leave it. No haggling or lowballing here. Got an estate sale? Same deal. Even if you don’t take my offer, you at least have a dollar figure for comparison.
  • For an Offer Quote, I’ll need to know what you have, and the condition (wear, markings, completeness, etc.). Lists are good, photos even better. If you have a lot of items, group photos are quicker.
  • Or just box it up and send it. Include a note with your contact info. We’ll pay based on what’s there. You get the same payout, quote or no quote.
  • Shipping is on your dime. Books ship cheap by USPS Media Mail at approx. 60¢ per pound. See my Packaging Tips below for secure shipments. Are you in or passing through the Phoenix Arizona metro area? We can meet!
  • I pay on delivery. Cash deals are by Check or Paypal, your choice. Trades get a higher offer; you will get a store credit code to spend as you wish in the shop.
  • My goal is for you to be so pleased with our deal, that you’re digging in boxes, looking for more to send me.

Mailing Address

Wayne’s Books

20987 N John Wayne Pkwy Suite B104 PMB 444

Maricopa, AZ 85139-2926

Unites States

Looking for the shop? Examples of what we sell? Sales Site Here.

Packaging Tips

Heavy book shipments are a threat to their own package. If allowed to bounce around freely, the stack of books will be a battering ram as the package is tossed around in the postal stream. This is how package seam splits happen.

Tape every panel and seam of the package. A strap of tape will stop a seam tear before it becomes catastrophic. Tape is cheap; package losses are not. 

Fill every air space in the package with with bubble wrap, rolled newspaper, etc. Pad the contents away from contact with the box walls. Voids in the package become crush zones, and allows your battering ram to bounce around. 

Write clear, legible addresses. This is the time to use your best penmanship. If you are writing the address on a slip of paper, make sure it is securely attached to the box, else it could be torn off, and the package will disappear into the postal vortex. 

Some of our armored packages, ready for shipment

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