The boys keep returning back to the Yawning Portal for rest and healing. That will get harder as they go further into the dungeon.

Hall of mirrors. They got into a routine of dwarf-looks-behind-the-mirror-for-loot, elf-looks-in-the-mirror. I kept telling my younger son: “You see a handsome elf”. Good for a chuckle every time. Until he encountered the mirror of opposition – I told him, “You see a handsome elf” … “I poof my hair” … “Your reflection doesn’t do that” … “Whaaa?” … “Your reflection stares back at you angrily, and then it steps out of the mirror”  Then they had to fight the duplicate mage. Really freaked them out.

Hobgoblin lieutenant. Attacks them. After a tough fight, they knock him down to exactly 0hp. I say he’s down on the ground, writhing and moaning. The boys both look at each other, unsure what to do. They eventually decide to hog-tie the hobgoblin, and talk with him. Hobgoblin spits at the elf, refuses to talk to him, but will talk to the “little man” (dwarf). Elf goes to examine the statues, dwarf bandages Hobgoblin’s wounds, who remains vaguely hostile and confused at the kindness. The boys pay him 5gp to leave them in peace. Hobgoblin staggers away, bewildered.

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