Got in a 2nd edition Gamma World box set still in shrinkwrap. My spidey-sense told me there might be issues inside, so I decided to go ahead and open it up.

I’ve had an issue in the past. Sold a unopened, factory-shrinkwrapped set to a customer one time. Buyer found it to be entirely water-damaged on the inside.

Seemed fine on the outside, but there had been something… off… about the shrink when I got it in. I should have listened to my instincts at the time.

OK, Here we go. [Drumroll]

Gamma World 2nd box unboxing 4
Nice. Crisp map, bagged dice. …Hey, where’s the crayon?



Gamma World 2nd box unboxing 5
Book looks nice of course. Is that a shadow in the lower left corner? No, no, no, no…



Gamma World 2nd box unboxing 6
&%#$&*@# “Thanks TSR”
Wax oil from the crayon oozed into the Rule Booklet and the Adventure Book. In the old days, they’d put the crayon IN the dice baggie.
What a mess.





Here’s an unboxing that turned out much better!


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Original Gamma World maps

Gamma World TSR placeholder cover