Got in a 2nd edition Gamma World box set still in shrinkwrap. My spidey-sense told me there might be issues inside, so I decided to go ahead and open it up.
(I’ve had an issue in the past. Sold a unopened, factory-shrinkwrapped set to a customer one time. Buyer found it to be entirely water-damaged on the inside. Seemed fine on the outside, but there had been something… off… about the shrink when I got it in. I should have listened to my instincts at the time.)
OK, Here we go. [Drumroll]
Nice. Crisp map, bagged dice. …Hey, where’s the crayon?
Book looks nice of course. Is that a shadow in the lower left corner?
No, no, no, no…
&%#$&*@# “Thanks TSR”
Wax oil from the crayon oozed into the Rule Booklet and the Adventure Book. You know in the old days, they’d put the crayon in the bag of dice.
What a mess.

Gamma World 2nd box unboxing 4

Gamma World 2nd box unboxing 5

Gamma World 2nd box unboxing 6