Kult – Au-delà du Voile
Gunilla Jonsson & Michael Petersen. 7eme cercle / Paradox Entertainment. 2001, 191 pages.

The default backdrop of Kult is modern-day real-life larger cities; players taking the roles of contemporary multi-genre protagonists, such as private investigators and femme fatales, vigilantes and drug dealers, artists and journalists, or secret agents and mad scientists. In the game, however, all this and the entire world we see, is an “illusion” held together by monotheistic belief which is unravelling to reveal a darker backdrop where nightmarish monsters lurk, called “reality” in the game. This illusion was created by the Demiurge to hold humanity prisoner and to prevent mankind from regaining the divinity it once had. In the absence of this Demiurge, sinister forces plot to keep us from realizing the truth, or even to plunge the world into an apocalyptic war to restore humanity’s ignorance and blind faith in the divine order.

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This French-language edition of the Kult roleplaying game arrived in the shop.

Pencil sketch by illustrator Peter Bergting inside front cover, very striking.

Kult - Au-delà du voile Bergting sketch


Lots of great art

Kult - Au-delà du voile inside