I didn’t see anything about this obscure fanzine-size game supplement online, so let’s take a quick look at the booklet.

Gamers. Written and Drawn by Doug Blanchard. Tri Tac, 1984. 24 pages.
A comic satire of the people of the hobby at the time.

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Free PDF at Tri Tac Games

Gamers: Title page


John Reiher over at the MeWe Tri Tac Group says about Gamers: “Richard (Tucholka) used to sell them at cons.”

Gamers reminds me of “Murphy’s Rules” from the old Space Gamer magazine.

Some topic headers I see on a flip-through:

“Gamers are funny people, they can be so annoying at times… Try sitting behind two at a movie…”

“Some gamers like to design or modify game systems, and they can tell you just how thoroughly they must research the subject…”

“Some people feel gamers are concerned solely with gaming and are oblivious to everything else…”

“Whether or not gaming is a gamer’s sole interest is debatable…”


At the time (1984) the wargaming hobby dwarfed the RPG hobby, though there was a bit of crossover.


“Gamer’s Guide to Post-Holocaust Gaming” … not playing characters in an apocalypse setting… YOU are playing after the bomb!