It occurred to me the shelf pics I posted this week on social media are worth rescuing from oblivion. Got a big stack of AD&D hardcovers and GURPS genre books in the shop.

Where I’m at these days:

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Of these, I lean toward MeWe, a good replacement for the gaming chat I had on the late Google+. MeWe’s claim is privacy, which seems to be lacking elsewhere in social media.

Google+ was ridiculed by many, but was actually a (usually) happy home for several online communities, including roleplaying games. Not everybody crossed over, alas, and it seems to me that there’s been a bit of a diaspora. But I do see a steady stream of former G+ers showing up on MeWe!

If you sign up on MeWe – very easy – make sure to send me a Contact request.

GURPS book lot - Aug 2019
Even if you don’t play GURPS, these are great genre supplements for your game. Chock full of info, and light on the game mechanics.

AD&D hardcovers listed prof

AD&D hardcovers 3
The state of our AD&D shelves this week