A simple post today: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks art admiration. Gary Gygax’s module was blessed with iconic art to help the players visualize the strange science fiction environment their characters are exploring.

The art credits are a who’s-who of early TSR illustrators: Jeff Dee, Gregory K. Fleming, David S. LaForce, Erol Otus, Jim Roslof, and David C. Sutherland III.

Of them, I’m not familiar with Fleming’s work.

Be sure to check out Dyson’s re-imagining of the Barrier Peaks spaceship in a more compact – perhaps easier to run – triangular format.


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Spoiler warning: The art can give away encounters. If your DM is running this adventure, you’d better move on.

The cover art by Erol Otus lets you know immediately that this wasn’t your usual AD&D module.


Barrier Peaks has two booklets. The adventure booklet had two pieces that caught my eye. Here, in Jeff Dee’s sketch, an intellect devourer is on the prowl.


There are a number of weapon and equipment illustrations to aid the DM. The Needler, with it’s diagram of clip insertion, always fascinated me.


The cover of the illustration booklet tells you the party is on a wild ride. As if mind flayers weren’t bad enough, picture one with tech gear.


Not your usual dungeon corridor


Dinosauroids, by Jeff Dee


The illustration book is graced with 4 color plates, all by Erol Otus. It’s the earliest example I’m aware of to use color art in an AD&D module.




Jim Roslof inked this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing


Party is tossed out a hatch, along with a tranquilized bulette


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