The Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (SAGA) set comes with 96 cards. Years ago, I took group photos of all of them to help me ID missing cards from future sets. The photos have been sitting on my hard drive for years; figured this was a good place to post them to assist collectors.

Also, TSR issued four promotional cards separately at the launch of the game: Ghost Rider, Lockheed, Deadpool and The Impossible Man. These cards are quite rare today. I’ll have a photo of them at the bottom.

Marvel Super Heroes in the shop

MSH Saga System reference site page

MSH Saga cards 1
MSH Saga cards 2
MSH Saga cards 3
MSH Saga cards 4
MSH Saga cards 5
MSH Saga cards 6
MSH Saga cards 7
MSH Saga cards 8
MSH Saga cards 9
MSH Saga cards 10
MSH Saga cards 11

The Promo Cards

MSH Saga cards bonus

Marvel Super Heroes in the shop

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