The Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century Game arrived at a time when TSR was all-in on Buck Rogers, at the direction of majority shareholder Lorraine Williams, who had rights to BR IP due to family.

This board game was released just before the Buck Rogers XXVc RPG. Just as with the RPG, the BR game is nothing like the television series, instead drawing from the original sci-fi pulps.

It’s a science fiction war game, make no mistake. Gameplay is described as similar to Milton Bradley’s popular Axis & Allies game. The planets of the Solar System move through their orbits, requiring players to plan ahead to take advantage of planetary conjunctions. Leader characters fight alongside line troops and space fighters for solar system supremacy.

BUCK ROGERS Battle for the 25th Century Game

1988 … TSR 3550 … ISBN 0880385863

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Contents / Components

Basic Game Rules

Advanced / Optional Rules

The B&W and color art in this set looks like Larry Elmore to me! Once again, looks like late 80s TSR denying artist credit again. No illustrator credit, and no artist logos.


Game Board

Figures, Markers, and Chips

Wayne-sized. Here’s the Buck Rogers Game alongside its contemporary Dragonlance game, similar manufacture. Compared with everything else from long lost TSR, these are massive sets.

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