This Warhammer starter set contains the core WH 6e rulebook, plus plus all the pieces for a small Orc vs. Empire battle.

This particular set passing through the shop is unpunched, and given how little reference info is present for this big box and all its parts… well, here we go!

Warhammer: The Game of Fantasy Battles (6th Edition Boxed Set)

2000, 2002 … Games Workshop / Citadel Miniatures 60 01 02 99 001 … EAN 5011921958818

CONTENTS: 288 page rulebook, 38 Empire Soldiers miniatures, 1 Empire Cannon, 1 Empire General, 1 Orc Warboss, 35 Orc Warriors, 1 Orc War Chariot, 1 Ruined Building, 3 weapon templates, 8 assorted dice, and two range rulers.

(Note the 2002 set’s parts list is a bit less: 34 Empire soldiers, 34 Orc Warriors)

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Rule Book & Getting Started

Tabletop game for two or more players where you become the fearless commander of a mighty army – assembling and painting your own army in readiness for battle! This boxed set provides you with everything you need to play including a selection of Brutal Orcs and stalwart human troops of the empire. The rulebook contains full rules for fighting battles and a host of useful information on gaming collecting and painting miniatures, and the exciting world of Warhammer.


The orcs and human soldiers each have the same sprue duplicated (x4), making a total of 32 each of the line troops. Two of the orcs are not included in the total (35) as they are integral to the chariot apparently.

The Building

Building construction instructions on the back of the Getting Started booklet.


Damage templates, range rulers, stands, and dice.

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