I ran across this in my files. A Judges Guild submission rejection letter, on JG stationery. It’s not mine; it was part of a collection I bought untold years ago. I don’t have the submission manuscript, only the 1st page with the author’s Introduction.

I redacted the sender’s personal information digitally. The originals are unmarked.

It’s an interesting piece of RPG history. I love the art on the envelope.

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August 17, 1982

Dear Sir:
It has come to my attention that there are very few on the market today specifically made for Runequest. This has prompted the enclosed adventure. I’m sure you will find it plays well and would make a fun scenario. Some of Malado’s statistics were borrowed from Gringle of Gringle’s Pawn Shop.
I hope you will read, play, and publish my scenario. Thank You.

MALADOIS GOLD MINE is a RUNEQUEST ADVENTURE. As the characters statistics inside will indicate, it is not a scenario for advanced characters but should prove to be a challenge for beginning to intermediate characters. It should also prove to be fun for the players. It should be noted that MALADO’S GOLD MINE largely ignores the various Rune Cults and their distinctions.

May 23, 1983

Dear Mr. [redacted],

I am returning your RuneQuest scenario for several reasons. The first is that it is far too short to be published as a product. At 22 pages of typed copy, your scenario would result in about a 10-page booklet; we no longer find it feasible to produce any-thing less than 32 pages in length due to the current economic market, rising printing prices, and greater selectivity within the buying public.
The second reason is that we are only accepting outside sub-missions of outstanding quality (and quantity – see above) at this time, again due to the uncertain economy.
I do have a suggestion for you, however. Our magazine, the Pegasus might be interested in your scenario if it were a little shorter, perhaps only 16 pages of typed copy. If you wish to resubmit your product to the Pegasus, please feel free to do so.
Thank you for your continued interest in Judges Guild.
Debye Pruitt, Outside Submissions

EDIT 31 January 2023: I added new photos, and the text from the letters.

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