This is an auction for the ultra-rare Daystar West edition of Pharaoh listed for sale by the authors. Auction description follows.
It was a fixed-price listing for $3,250. I don’t know if it sold.

Auction text will follow.

“Pharaoh is a very rare item.   A treasure.  This is the second RPG game module in the series that kicked-off a life of adventure for authors Tracy and Laura Hickman. It is one of the original ‘Nightventures’ by Daystar West Media Productions.

  The original print run was quite limited; under 100. There are very few known remaining copies that are extent.  As you can see from the picture, it is in very good condition.  It is new and unused.

The cover is slightly worn, but smooth, as pictured.  The tape-style spine and binding are tight.  Pages are slightly yellowed with age, but are smooth and intact. The cover art and interior maps are by Tracy Hickman. The interior art pieces are by Josh Agle.

Pharaoh was sold to TSR in 1982 when Tracy joined the ranks of game designers at their facility in Lake Geneva, WI.  Consequently, other versions of this game module were printed as part of a trilogy by TSR:  The Desert of Desolation Series.  I-3 -Pharaoh, I-4 -Oasis of the White Palm and I-5 – Lost Tomb of Martek.  All three were later published compendium-style.

 As with Rahasia, this adventure was ground-breaking in layout, intended play length and story objectives. Rahasia and Pharaoh started a revolution in role-playing.  And now, Pharaoh, the rarest of all, can be yours. 

 The adventure is  8.5” x 11” and 67 pages in length and b&w. Direct from the author’s collection.

The two modules we have up for sale individually, (Check out my other items!) are genuinely surprising treasures.  Our daughter has been helping us sort through over 30 years’ worth of manuscripts and correspondence etc., because recently, a private university approached us to acquire our papers for their special collections.  Pharaoh was in a box with some of our manuscript materials and other modules that we decided to look through and organize.  It was a delight to find it.

This is the very last Pharaoh in our possession. 

 As our papers are being acquired, we feel that these items would be better appreciated and enjoyed in the hands of a collector.

Tracy and I will gladly provide letters of provenance for Pharaoh certifying that it has been continuously in our possession since its production date. –L Hickman”

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