Got in a bunch of original D&D books and 2 of the White Box sets. Wanted to get a photo of them together before they disappeared.

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In the photo:

* White box on the right is the OCE (“Original Collector’s Edition”), the last printing of the White Box, and the least rare.
* White box on the left is a 4th print, the first of the White Boxes (after they discontinued the woodgrain-style set).
* Chainmail
* Swords & Spells
* Volume 1: Men & Magic; Volume 2: Monsters & Treasure; Volume 3: Underworld & Wilderness Adventures; Reference sheets – these come in the white boxes or are sold separately.
* Greyhawk (Supplement I)
* Blackmoor (Supplement II)
* Eldritch Wizardry (Supplement III)
* Gods, Demi-Gods, & Heroes (Supplement IV)

UNBOXING the Original Dungeons & Dragons Premium Wood Reprint Box Set (2013)

EDIT 31 July 2020

2013 special edition reprint of original D&D wood box opening shrink-001

In 2013, Wizards of the Coast was “in between” editions of D&D. Yet they still needed to have releases that year. In the retro spirit of what was to become D&D 5e, WotC created a beautiful reprinting of the original D&D books from the mid-70s in a gorgeous engraved wood box.

I got one of those sets in the shop, still in shrinkwrap! So I took the opportunity to see for myself what was in the set, and compared it to my OD&D brown books. Video was shot and edited by my 15½-year-old son, and we had a great back-and-forth about the origins of Dungeons and Dragons.

Video on Youtube

2013 limited edition reprint of original D&D full

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