Original edition author: Jeff McKeage

Copyright 1987 Tolkien Enterprises

Color maps: Peter C. Fenlon

Cover art: Angus McBride

Finnish translation: Jaako Kankaanpää

Additional translation and production: Jyrki Tudeer, Lauri Tudeer, Mika Laaksonen

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Smoke swirled across the fiery spring sky as the King’s Men made their last stand. Cries of dying Orcs resounded like some hideous chorus, magnifying the terror that gripped the Barrow-downs. Cardolan’ s end was at hand.

His back to a Standing-stone, Ostoher surveyed the battlefield, all the while praying to Varda for salvation. His loyal warriors seemed hopelessly outnumbered, despite the fact that they had slaughtered a hundred score of the Witch-king’s minions. Daylight was too far away.

Rogrog had struck at midnight, allowing the Cardolani no time to dress, much less prepare an adequate line of defense. King Ostoher fought without pants, or a shirt, or even padding beneath his enchanted breastplate. He cursed himself for his lack of foresight, for he had never expected the Nazgûl’s Warlord to force march in the early evening. As he turned toward a noise, he uttered: “Why must these noble souls pay for my confusion?”

Ostoher brought his great-sword down, sweeping through the first of a pair of attacking Orcs. He moved left and felled another with a mighty blow that cleaved the beast’s iron helmet.

Then, through the black smoke, he spotted the huge shadow of his enemy. The King turned again, pressing against the cold Stone that guarded his ancestors. As the Troll closed, he uttered his last oath: “My blood may color this grassy hill tonight, but the Spirits of the Edain shall sleep undisturbed.”

Lost Realm of Cardolan, English edition, page 2

Cardolan - Kadonnut Valtakunta cover art

The cover art of King Ostoher’s last stand by Angus McBride is a personal favorite. So much detail.

The color maps and Liz Danforth line drawings are all here as well.

Cardolan - Kadonnut Valtakunta Braegil

Cardolan - Kadonnut Valtakunta maps 1Cardolan - Kadonnut Valtakunta maps 2Cardolan - Kadonnut Valtakunta maps 3