At the turn of the century, Wizards of the Coast released a series of novelizations of various classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure modules.

At the moment, we have most of the Greyhawk novels in the shop.

They are:

  • Against the Giants, by Ru Emerson (1999) – not pictured
  • White Plume Mountain, by Paul Kidd (1999)
  • Descent into the Depths of the Earth, by Paul Kidd (2000)
  • Queen of the Demonweb Pits, by Paul Kidd (2001)
  • Keep on the Borderlands, by Ru Emerson (2001) – not pictured
  • Temple of Elemental Evil, by Thomas M. Reid (2001)
  • The Tomb of Horrors, by Keith Francis Strohm (2002)

The 3 novels by Paul Kidd are a loose trilogy, following the adventures of Escalla the fairy and The Justicar and his enchanted hell hound pelt, and their party members. They are a personal favorite of mine, with well-written characters, humor, and an entertaining plot in the backdrop of the classic modules.

Greyhawk novels covers