In 1986, The Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society (JTAS), GDW’s Traveller magazine, changed format to support the Twilight: 2000 game. T2000 had grown to become an important product line for the company.

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The new magazine was named “Challenge: GDW’s Magazine of Adventure Gaming”. It would continue from the last issue of JTAS (#24).

Challenge magazines for sale in the shop.

Challenge #25 had a thick module-format cover. It would be the only such issue to get that treatment. All subsequent issues had a thinner magazine-type cover.

JTAS would be in its own section within Challenge magazine.

Challenge 25 JTAS section cover

JTAS #25 had a “cover” and a table of contents page.

Challenge 25 JTAS section index

This independent JTAS section didn’t last long. Challenge #26 had a JTAS “cover” and ToC. Challenge #27 did away with the ToC, and by issue 29, the independent JTAS section was gone. The magazine did continue its roughly 50/50 treatment of Traveller and Twilight 2000 for many subsequent issues.

JTAS briefly saw a revival during the Imperium Games Traveller era.


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