Spelljammer took Advanced Dungeons and Dragons characters and campaigns into space. While there were rules in the SJ RPG core set for ship combat, the War Captain’s Companion box set presents rules for efficiently running mass combats with many vessels. Plus ship construction rules. WCC also boasted a complete guide of all the various spelljamming vessels from previous Spelljammer releases.

War Captain’s Companion [BOX SET]

1992 … Dale “Slade” Henson … TSR 1072 … ISBN 1560763434

3 booklets, 3 maps, large fold-out sheet of punchable ships, tokens, cards, and charts.

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War Captain’s Companion – like most classic TSR (A)D&D product pages at DriveThru – features an essay by Shannon Appelcline, with the RPG’s history, context, and brief bios of the creators. Always worth a read.

War Captain’s Guide (Book 1 – TSR 1072XXX1901)

New role-playing rules, including new character skills and magical items.
New section allows creative players to design their own ships.
War fleet and shipyard bases for our major campaign worlds

Credits: Erik Olsen painted that striking cover art that graces the box lid and all the books. The picture is a chaotic battle. I see a Hammership, Nautiloid, a Neogi Deathspider with a Galleon in its clutches. The broken-up ship is a Tradesman I believe. And the fireball-casting wizard shooting from a Mammoth(?)

Diesel (Cartography) and Diesel, Jeff Easley, Newton Ewell, Mark Nelson, and Erik Olsen (internal art).

Ship Recognition Manual (Book 2 – TSR 1072XXX1902)

Updated and expanded information on all existing ship types.
Each ship in this book is accompanied by a detailed line illustration.
Introduces over a dozen ship types for the first time anywhere

Most of the Ship Recognition Manual’s 64 pages are given over to ship listings. All the ship types scattered throughout Spelljammer modules and sourcebooks are gathered here in one place.

Combat Among the Stars (Book 3 – TSR 1072XXX1903)

Easy-to-learn ship-to-ship rules that will give hours of enjoyment.
Includes ramming, boarding actions, magic use, and much more.
Optional rules feature 3-D movement and advanced weapons and equipment!


Comparative Sizes of Spacefaring Vessels (TSR 1072XXX0701)

In the background, The Spelljammer dwarfs all other ships, even the Tsunami!

2x Hex Starfield Maps (also TSR 1072XXX0701 – an error)

Cardsheets – punchable (TSR 1072XXX1201)

War Captain’s Companion contains a stack of punch sheets of ships, tokens, cards, and charts. They are all connected (though many sets found in the used market will be separated into their individual sheets, punched… this post is intended to help folks checking their sets).

Following are shots of the individual sheets.

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