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The Temple of Elemental Evil (T1-4)
1985 … Gary Gygax & Frank Mentzer … 128 pages + 16 page map booklet … TSR 9147 … ISBN 0880380187

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The Acaeum notes the 1st printing of the ToEE supermodule as having textual errors.

Several errors are present in the text, most having to do with truncated sentences; for example, Area 13 of Hommlet states: “The shop is run by one Rannos Davl, who is bed…” and “If the group does not hire one, the their activities by any means possible…”.

[EDIT: The Acaeum entry has been updated.]

A rough 1st print is currently in the shop, so I decided to document this a little better.

What quickly becomes apparent is that the T1-4 location numbering is… unhelpful. On page 17, for example, is a location labelled “Area 13. Trading Post”. And that area has a sub-location called “TP 13. Barnyard”. Neither of these are what the Acaeum notes describe.

Page 9, location 13, “WOODEN BUILDING WITH SHUTTERED WINDOWS (Trading Post)” is the correct page.

In the following photo, the text errors that identify a 1st print ToEE are underlined.

T1-4 1st text errors underlined

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