1977 (1979) Dungeons & Dragons Character Record Sheets
TSR 9014 … 25 sheets

A fairly rare pad of D&D character sheets arrived in the shop.

As The Acaeum describes it:

1979: Character Record Sheets. Tom Wham artwork on cover. Wizard logo. Copyright still reads “1977”, but “TM Reg App For” has been removed. Versions with blue, yellow, grey, or green covers and pink, orange, grey, or green sheets have been reported (other than colors, they appear identical). One copy has been spotted that is a side-tearing pad, but the vast majority appear to be top-tearing.

This one is side-tearing. All 25 sheets firmly attached, unmarked. Only real issue is some faint spotting on cover.

I haven’t the foggiest idea of the value, so I’m putting the character sheet pad up for auction.

EDIT May 7, 2019: Auction ended at $209.50.

Photos follow:

D&D Character Sheet 1979 green glue side

D&D Character Sheet 1979 green side glued edgepaper

D&D Character Sheet 1979 green side glued sheet

D&D Character Sheet 1979 green side glued back


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