“Cyberpunk characters are survivors in a tough, grim world, faced with life-and-death choices. How they make these choices will have a lot to do with whether they end up as vicious animals roaming a ruined world or retain something of their basic humanity. Cyberpunk characters are the heroes of a bad situation, working to make it better (or at least survivable) whenever they can. Whether it takes committing crimes, defying authority or even outright revolution, the quintessential Cyberpunk character is a rebel with a cause.”

– View From the Edge: The Cyberpunk Handbook

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EDIT: The set ended at $710(!) after 61 bids.

[This is not a usual sales price for a 1e CP set, but at the height of the CP2077 frenzy.]

The Cyberpunk 2077 video game is on the horizon – with heavy involvement by R. Talsorian game writer Mike Pondsmith – and there’s a lot of interest in the Cyberpunk RPGs right now.

Cyberpunk 1st box set d
Cyberpunk: The Roleplaying Game of the Dark Future (1st edition) [BOX SET]
1988 … Michael Pondsmith … R. Talsorian Games CP 3001 … ISBN 0937279056

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View From the Edge
View From the Edge: The Cyberpunk Handbook
Welcome to Night City
Welcome to Night City: A Sourcebook for 2013
Friday Night Firefight
Friday Night Firefight
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