One novel aspect of Middle Earth Roleplaying (MERP) is that you have an opportunity to explore regions outside the familiar Gondor, Mordor, and the lands surrounding them. Several sourcebooks and adventures take you far away from the well-tread geography of the Lord of the Rings.

Shadow in the South is one of those campaign books.

“Long-settled yet full of wild shores, dark wood, and rugged mountains, south-western Middle-earth is often referred to as the Dominions of the Seven. It is a place of riches and wonder, of fiercely independent oligarchies challenged by the might of the Storm King and the terror engendered by the Lord of the Rings.”

Shadow in the South b
Cover art by Richard Hook
Shadow in the South
1987 … John Bliven Morin … 64 pages … ICE 3400 … ISBN 0915795884

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Shadow in the South back detail
Shadow in the South is set far, far to the south of the lands depicted in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings



The color maps are not removable without taking a lot of text with them, unlike the other campaign books. On the plus side, almost all used Shadow in the South books will have their maps.


Many building maps!
The great Liz Danforth drew the interior art


The Seven Lands
A timeline of this strange land