Continuing on the theme of Middle Earth this week, I just listed an auction of this ziploc wargame.

Sauron seeks to capture Middle Earth from his stronghold Barad-dur. Standing against his might is the Last Alliance, forged by Elendil and Gil-galad… The King of Arnor and the last High Elven-King.

Sauron Exclusive Rules: From the Games of Middle Earth (SPI, 1977)


4-page rules booklet

game map (17″ x 22″)

50 blue (Alliance) counters

50 red (Sauron) counters

ziplock bag


Auction link

SPI games at our reference site


Sauron Exclusive Rules counters blue

Sauron Exclusive Rules counters red


War of the Ring: That Glorious Giant Map of Middle Earth

EDIT 15 July 2020


War of the Ring DE map sections

War of the Ring in the shop


War of the Ring at my RPG reference site










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