Finally unfolded the Kulthea map from the set. It’s enormous!

Shadow World Master Atlas

1990 … Terry K. Amthor … ICE 6000 … ISBN 1558060251

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“The Shadow World Master Atlas presents a new world of fantasy role playing adventure! Welcome to the planet Kulthea, a complete world as organic as our own but much less settled and far less explored. Kulthea is plagued by powerful Flows of Essence, unseen auras that can greatly enhance or diminish a player’s capacities. Broad seas divide the many continents and isles, and volcanoes, are as common as deadly coral reefs. Into this maelstrom has come the Unlife, an enemy so foreign and evil that its origins are beyond the dimensions of existence. The Shadow World Master Atlas presents this fabulous fantasy environment in two 64 page books cdvering the world and its inhabitants and a beautifully rendered 3’x4′ map of Kulthea’s western hemisphere.

The Shadow World Master Atlas includes:
• The Inhabitants Guide details the main races of Kulthea. Here you’ll find the noble Immortals: Titans, Elven tribes, and Fairie beings; and the Mortals: mannish groups, Trolls, ruthless Lugroki, and other curious races. Also detailed are the unusual beasts and plants and the important organizations of this unique world.
• The World Guide containing explanatory maps, and describing the Kulthean solar system, planetary moons, weather patterns, and the powerful Flows of Essence. Also included are the Lords of Essence, the mysterious Dragonlords, and the godlike residents of Kulthea’s largest moon, as well as descriptions, stats, and individual powers for both the Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero’ systems!
• Detailed and specific conversion notes for other major fantasy systems (Runequest, AD&D, etc.).
• A huge 3’x4′ full-color map of Kulthea’s western hemisphere!”