The Lands of Intrigue, one of the lesser-known Forgotten Realms campaign sets, details Amn and Tethyr. Amn is on the southern stretch of the Sword Coast. Fans of the Baldur’s Gate video game will recognize the region at the north end of the poster map, with Candlekeep on the coast.

Lands of Intrigue [BOX SET]

1997 … Steven E. Schend … TSR 1159 … ISBN 0786906979

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* Book One: Tethyr (96 pages) presents the many facets of Tethyr, from its origin as an elven homeland through its rise and fall as a human nation and up to its recent restoration from anarchy. While this growing realm is now the safest of the Lands of Intrigue, it was once a seat of the malevolent Empire of Shoon – whose influence still haunts the golden plains in the form of roving monsters, wandering ghosts, and the terrors of times past.
* Book Two: Amn (64 pages) collates all that is Amn – or, as some call it, the Coinland. Money is this countries lifeblood, whether gleaned from the trade along the Sword Coast or the far-off colonies of New Amn. However, a dark dawn has risen on those whose eyes see no further than their ledgers and coin stacks….
* Book Three: Erlkazar & Folk of Intrigue (32 pages) reveals the formerly undocumented domain of Erlkazar, east of Tethyr – an area ready to be fleshed out by DMs to suit their individual campaigns. Book Three also holds the secrets of the hidden powers of the South, such as the Cowled Wizards, the Knights of the Shield, the Shadow Thieves, and the undead sorcerors of the Twisted Rune.
* Two poster maps detail the Lands of Intrigue, the Pirate Isles of the Nelanther, and the center of the long-dead Shoon Empire, the monster-riddled ruins of Shoonach.
* More than a dozen additional maps depict all the cities of Amn and Tethyr, as well as the distant Maztican colonies.


Book 1: Tethyr. Art by Todd Lockwood.

Book 2: Amn. Art by Todd Lockwood. This one is a personal favorite, with the ogre mage blasting the rider with a Cone of Cold.
Great Ruins of Shoonach poster. Awesome. Love the ruins sketches.
Both poster maps are double-sided. Here’s a topographical map of the region.

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