Avalon Hill’s entry into Wild West gaming is strictly a board game, as opposed to TSR’s Boot Hill, which is a board game – roleplaying game hybrid. I got a nice complete set in the shop, so I took the opportunity to take some notes and photos.

Gunslinger set b

Gunslinger: Game of Western Gunfights [BOX SET]
1982 … Richard Hamblen … AH 830

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One thing I noticed when looking up this set online is the lack of a comprehensive parts list. The list on the box and in the rulebook are lacking in detail, and online resources mute. So here we go:

Rules of Play

Eight double-sided map boards

Result Cards (108)

Action Cards (130): Seven sets of 12 = 84; plus “bonus” cards (46)

B1 (4), B2 (7), B3 (7), B4 (5), B5 (5), B6 (5), B7 (5), B8 (4), B9 (4)

Counters (277)

Figures, round (48)

“H” round counters (12)

Weapons/objects, med square (112)

Tactical, sm square (96)

Horse, large (9)

Player Aid Cards (4, double-sided)

Pad of Gunslinger Legend Sheets

Gunslinger top lid

Gunslinger bottom lid detail 1

Gunslinger bottom lid detail 3

Gunslinger Rules

Gunslinger Rules detail 1

Gunslinger Rules detail 2

Gunslinger Rules detail 3

Gunslinger Rules detail 4

Gunslinger Mapboards

Gunslinger Mapboards detail 1

Gunslinger Mapboards detail 2

Gunslinger Mapboards detail 3

Gunslinger Mapboards detail 4

Gunslinger Player Aid Cards

Gunslinger Player Aid Cards detail 1

Gunslinger Player Aid Cards detail 2

Gunslinger Player Aid Cards detail 3

Gunslinger Player Aid Cards detail 4

Gunslinger Player Aid Cards detail 5

Gunslinger Legend Sheet

Gunslinger Cards - Result

Gunslinger Cards - Action 2

Gunslinger Cards - Action

Gunslinger Counters Detail 1

Gunslinger Counters Detail 2

Gunslinger Counters Detail 3

Avalon Hill Parts List

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