Here’s a shot from my personal collection of some Chaosium box sets. I’ve always admired the thin box format they settled on for a number of years (1982-6 I believe).

A few years ago, I realized the silliness of having a large personal collection spanning multiple shelf units, all the while I’ve got thousands of RPGs on my store shelves that I can peruse at will. So I thinned down my collection to games that have personal significance to me (have played or will play). My personal collection now has a self-imposed limitation of one shelf unit. Something goes in, something else must go out.

Yet, by the rule of personal significance, I shouldn’t have Call of Cthulhu, Thieves World, Ringworld, or Pendragon in my collection. I’ve never played them, and only have a vague interest in the settings.

But they look so nice next to the Stormbringer box set (which I used to play), I can’t bring myself to part with them. Chaosium did a fine job of consistency with their box sets, maintaining the same format, while not having the disparate games looking all the same.

There were quite a few of these sets, a couple dozen I’d reckon. If I make a count I’ll end up missing one somewhere. So if somebody has an authoritative total, let me know.

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