The classic 1982 time-travelling roleplaying game Man Myth & Magic is getting tough to find these days.

We have the official 2019 Man Myth & Magic Classic Reprint rulebooks in stock for $19.

The MMM RPG reprint by Precis Intermedia is very clean and crisp. The quality is excellent, with no blurriness or artifacts.


We also have the classic MMM adventure campaign reprints in stock as well!

  • Death to Setanta (shop)
  • Kingdom of the Sidhe (shop)
  • Newgrange Reactivated (shop)
  • The Glastonbury Labyrinth (shop)
  • Ascent to Hell (shop)


We also have the even more esoteric RPG brother to MMM: Timeship!   $17

Timeship described at our reference site


See also: Man, Myth, & Magic: A Role Playing Game of Man’s Greatest Adventures (1982)

Shatterzone RPG in stock

Wee Warriors reprints in stock: Palace of the Vampire Queen and others

Armoured Trains: An Illustrated Encyclopedia 1825-2016