“Wee Warriors Ltd. published role-playing game accessories in the late 1970s. It notably published the first stand alone adventure for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game (or in fact any role-playing game). Although they never produced official Dungeons & Dragons products, their early products were distributed by TSR, Inc., who at that time also published Dungeons & Dragons. Wee Warriors was acquired by Precis Intermedia in 2019.” –Wikipedia

Original Wee Warriors game books are going for nosebleed prices these days. Gamers are in luck though, as Precis Intermedia has the rights now, and been reprinting their back catalog at a steady clip.

Adventures in the Misty Isles back det

Palace of the Vampire Queen !

Dwarven Glory !

Misty Isles !

Buy all Three as a set for $29.99

Adventures in the Misty Isles

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Adventures in the Misty Isles

Take your fantasy adventures to a chain of islands filled with danger, intrigue, and excitement. For use with the Original Edition rules or an OSR equivalent (B/X recommended), this book compiles all three classic Wee Warriors™ Dungeon Kits into a single volume: Palace of the Vampire Queen (1976), The Dwarven Glory (1977), and The Misty Isles (1977).


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Includes a page of counters and 15 duplicate sheets on light cardstock for constructing the geomorphic labyrinth. Geomorphs for D&D: Dungeons & Dragons.

Labyrinthine open

The Embattled Trek

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The Embattled Trek 1
“tactical level play of ship-to-ship combat between the forces of two space powers”
The Embattled Trek 3

The Vanquished Foe

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Vanquished Foe 1
“Vanquished Foe pits Dwarves (or Elves) against Orcs in their lair”
Vanquished Foe 3

Wee Warriors Dungeon Kits are Back in Print

New paperback, glossy cover edition. Interiors are identical.

Buy all Three as a set for $29.99

Palace of the Vampire Queen

Dungeon Kit Number One

Palace of the Vampire Queen 4

The Dwarven Glory

Dungeon Kit Number Two

“Although the Orcs conquered Dwarven Glory, they could not completely destroy it. There were parts of the caverns they did not even penetrate…”
Dwarven Glory 3-001

The Misty Isles

Dungeon Kit Number Three

Islands in a chain, numbering Nine, and the setting for both Vampire Queen and Dwarven Glory.
Misty Isles WW interior

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