The original Twilight 2000 box set is getting hard to find these days. The recent Kickstarter for T2000 4e has increased demand for the classic version.

Well, a fantastic substitute is available: The official Twilight 2000 1st Edition Reprint from FFE. This paperback contains the 1e Core Rules, plus the Poland Campaign… all in One Book.

Twilight: 2000 (1st edition) – Reprint book

2003 … Frank Chadwick, et al … FFE 2001 … ISBN 1558782273

A paperback anthology of the original Twilight: 2000 1e RPG rules, plus the Poland Campaign modules: Free City of Krakow, Pirates of the Vistula, Ruins of Warsaw, and Black Madonna.

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A Look Inside

The Twilight 2000 Canon
Ratings. Interesting that the RDF Sourcebook (PDF at DriveThru) got the highest score.
The full text of the rules are present.

All 4 Poland Campaign adventures are included. Five, if you include the introductory scenario Escape From Kalisz.

Bonus content in the back: A Twilight 2000 Combat Example, and The Compleat NPC. From Challenge Magazine articles.

At the end is the 8/8/85 errata, almost the final errata (I’ve seen a sheet dated 1-1-90).

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EDIT Dec 6, 2020

I’ve been told that they are out-of-print, and FFE’s supply of them is gone. They will not be printed again. I still have some in stock as of this writing.


Twilight: 2000 (1st Edition Box Set) – Photo Gallery

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