What do you call a giant Forgotten Realms map with a tiny district map of Waterdeep in the bottom left corner?

“The City of Waterdeep Trail Map” of course!

The City of Waterdeep Trail Map (TM4)

Pouch cover art is a map of Cormyr. ?? Remember, this is a City of Waterdeep Trail Map. This is like producing a map depicting the United States, name it a “New York City Map”, and have cover graphics of Florida.

1989 … TSR 9401 … ISBN 0880387580

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This disturbs my inner peace.

They could have called it the Forgotten Realms Trail Map. Or Faerûn Trail Map (to distinguish it from the Kara-Tur FR Trail Map).

Or, perhaps…

Dedicate the map to the enormous fantasy city of Waterdeep? Like that wonderful City System maps set released the year prior (1988)?

Some Detail Shots

The Forgotten Realms map is scaled at 1 inch = 90 miles. The Trail Map also has small city maps of Scardale, Ashabenford, Shadowdale, and Tantras. All but Shadowdale are keyed.

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