Star War 2250 AD is part of a constellation of accessories to StarGuard! Miniatures Game. Star War’s focus is on both Tactical (ship-level) and Strategic (big picture) aspects of play. Starguard isn’t an RPG, but as a skirmish miniatures game, it’s close. No surprise there, as RPGs derived from tabletop miniatures games.

A set of early Starguard and Orilla booklets passing through the shop in 2017.

Star War caught my eye with the line art by Winchell Chung, better known for his contributions to classic Traveller. These days his Atomic Rockets site helps writers and gamers inject science realism into their science fiction.

Star War 2250: StarGuard Miniatures Game Tactical / Strategic Companion

1975, 1977 … McEwan Miniatures … John McEwan & Joe Shaw & Winchell Chung (art) & Chuck Hards (art)

Contents: 44-page zine booklet plus 13 cards with Federation and Ralni (Ralnai) ship charts.

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DriveThruRPGDTRPG has the 7th edition of Starguard (176 pages) available in PDF for $10


One of the Dreenoi (I believe – they look a bit different in later iterations). Illustration, judging by the artist’s mark is by Starguard creator John McEwan. The Dreenoi, as we learn from the Starguard book, are utterly alien. They are not individuals, but a Hive mind with telepathic powers unaffected by light years. They are spies, copiers of technology, warriors, and cannibals.

I believe most or all of the ship art is by Chuck Hards. If anybody has corrections, let me know. The Federation is the Human civilization.

Winchell Chung inked the Ralni (Ralnai), which look a lot like Traveller’s Droyne, sans wings. The Ralnai are aggressive, warm blooded, egg laying reptiles. They have no science of medicine, and ironically use human slaves as doctors.

Bonus pic: Here’s a Starguard Battle Manual that passed through the shop in 2019.

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