Finally got in a 1992 edition of the Dungeon board game. In physical form is much the same as the 1989 set. Board is the same size, cards appear to have the same mechanics, and in the same proportions. Figures are the same.

However the art and graphics are all new. Box art, board art, card art was all redone in the 1992 box.

These are huge sets, the most elaborate of the many incarnations of the Dungeon! boardgame.

I will model the ’92 set photoshoot closely after the 1989 set post, so they can be compared in side-by-side windows.

The Classic Dungeon Game

1992. TSR stock number 1045. ISBN 0-88038-733-5. EAN 9780880387330.

David R. Megarry (Original Design); Jeff Grubb, Steve Winter, Michael Gray, Gary Gygax (Development and Additional Design)

Contents: Rulebook, Board, 250 cards (plus 6 blanks), 6 plastic miniature game pieces, 2d6.

Classic Dungeon boardgames in the shop

Noble Knight

Box art look familiar? Dungeons & Dragons module X9: The Savage Coast. See all of the X-series modules at my RPG reference site.

Card counts for the various levels. Identical to the 1989 set.
Character Cards (18)
Plastic player hero figures (6).

The plastic figures are identical (except color) to the figures in the 1989 New Dungeon Set. TSR would again use these figures in the Classic Dungeons & Dragons set (1994).


Didn’t get pics last time.

Dragon / Dungeon Magazine flyer

Dated 1993.

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