Sword and Shield is a classic Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in the early-90s Thunder Rift campaign setting. S&S was meant to be a streamlined scenario, a return to D&D’s old school RPG style play. It would be a snap to port over into another location in the DM’s home campaign.

As the module begins, the PC receives an invitation to a tournament at the Black Knight’s keep. The brave adventurer goes — but with the intention of finding and rescuing an old woman from town who’s been captured by this mysterious warrior. […] During the adventure, the PC jousts against six warriors. Between jousts, the PC explores the keep, hoping to find the captive. The climax of the adventure is a fight between the Black Knight and the PC.

from the Adventure Overview

Sword and Shield

1992 … John Terra … 16 pages + fold-out map + sheet of 12 figures … TSR 9387 … ISBN 1560764988

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Ebay | DriveThruRPG (PDF) – The PDF version is cheap! Be sure to read Shannon Appelcline’s write-up at the DTRPG page for history behind Sword and Shield.



Sword and Shield’s location in the Thunder Rift campaign setting. (This map is from the Thunder Rift booklet – it is NOT found in S&S.) See my Reference site page for the other modules in the series.

Poster map (TSR 9387XXX0701)

Printed on one side. Play mat style. Jousting rail and the Black Knight’s Castle.

Stand-up Figures

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