ALIENS (1986) was one of those sequels that was at least as good as the original movie. James Cameron’s stated intention in ALIENS was to go for Terror in contrast with the Horror in Ridley Scott’s ALIEN (1979). Ripley returns to LV-426 in ALIENS with a squad of Colonial Marines where they combat multiple xenomorphs in a desperate race for survival.

Leading Edge Games released the Aliens Box Set game in 1989. It proved popular enough that LEG produced this Expansion (plus an RPG and metal miniatures! See my RPG reference site page for details)

Here’s the core box set!

ALIENS Expansion

1990 … Barry Nakazono & David McKenzie … 24 pages + map + 16 Alien Cards … LEG 20101 … ISBN 0945571984

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Expansion Rules: New components, Facehuggers, and The Alien Queen.

Scenarios: The Drop Ship, Rescue of Newt, Marine Assault, and The Hunt for the Queen. Plus a guide to playing the Complete Movie Scenario.

Optional Rules: Ammunition Restrictions, Backup Weapons, Fires, Firing Through Marines, Additional Aim Time, and Tournament Rules.



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