Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition made many format changes versus 1st. (Ex: A 3-ring monster binder instead of the earlier hardcover Monster Manual) Likewise the Dungeon Master Screen 2e was now one 3-panel screen instead of the two 3-panel screens of 1e.

I think they got exactly the tables a DM would likely need. Saving Throws, THACO, other combat modifiers, Turning Undead, Thief abilities, Encounter Reactions, Armor Class, Initiative and Surprise, Weapons. And then on the player-facing side, several relevant tables repeat. Pretty slick. I used this screen in my AD&D 2nd edition years, and recall being satisfied with it.

There was also a mini adventure, Terrible Trouble at Tragidore. Never played that one.

The DM Screen 2e had a long run, long enough to have 3 different TSR logos. More on that below.

Dungeon Master’s Screen (2nd edition)

1989-1994 … Jean and Bruce Rabe (module) & Jeff Easley (cover art) … Three-panel screen + 16-page booklet … TSR 9263 … ISBN 0880387475

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TSR 9263XXX1401

Terrible Trouble at Tragidore

No TSR code


TSR didn’t include printing info until the last couple printings. We know the years that TSR used its various logos (Acaeum link). With regard to the screen: Angled is 1989-1991, Gold Badge is 1991-1992, Dragon Shield is 1992-1994.

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