The classic WORLD OF GREYHAWK box set (1983) is familiar to many old school gamers. But the WoG Folio Edition (1980-1) predates the box, and the folio changed a bit during the two years of its production run.

While there were 2 distinct printings of the WoG box, the folio has 6! Identification of the various printings can be tricky. The Acaeum has done the usual stellar work in teasing out the variations of the WoG folio, and I’ve used that reference page countless times over the years. One often finds separate pieces of the folio in the used market.

What I’m doing here is showing the key differences in photos for quick identification of the printings. I’m assessing them by component: Folio, Gazetteer, and Maps.

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Folio Cover

(Thanks to Acaeum members that helped me correct my 1st/2nd pics)



1st – 3rd prints shared the same maps. Both sections are missing coordinate numbers on the left side. Acaeum reports 1st – 3rd have the copyright block on “upper right”. However, I’m not seeing that in my file photos. Instead I see the copyright block is on the reverse (white) side of the map. Alas, I do not have early print maps on hand at the moment to confirm.

4th – 5th prints, the west map has coordinate numbers on the left side, but the east map does not. Copyright block in lower right corner. 6th printing adds piece numbers 106-M-9025 and 115-M-9025 to the copyright block in bottom right corners.

MiniFigs catalog flier

Acaeum reports that 1st and 5th printings had the MiniFigs catalog flier. However, I have a 4th printing that has one, and a 5th that doesn’t. I suspect this has to do with individual owners losing/discarding these ad sheets to the sands of time.

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