BATTLETECH is a blast ’em and smash ’em game of giant piloted Mechs that dates back to the original edition of Battledroids (FASA, 1984). There’s a whole campaign universe centered around ongoing warring of feuding factions and personalities.

It was only a matter of time before gladiator combat was introduced to the Battletech universe in the SOLARIS VII box set (1991). In addition to a heap of tabletop gaming fodder in the box, Solaris 7 adds the “BattleMech Dueling System, a BattleTech expansion for running one-to-one combat with more tactical options than ever before.”

This set has a lot of moving parts, and a nice box is passing through the shop, so I wanted to post reference photos for players and collectors down the road to check their sets. Enjoy! -W

Solaris VII: The Game World (A Campaign Setting for Battletech and Mechwarrior II) [BOX SET]

1991 … Anthony Pryor & Mike Nystul … FASA 1660 … ISBN 1555601537

• 1 players’ book (MechWarrior’s Guide to the Game World)
• 1 gamemaster book (Solaris VII Gamemaster’s Guide)
• 1 stat book
• 3 double-sided 24″ x 36″ mapsheets
• 1 counter sheet
• 12 BattleMech trading cards
• 1 poster map of the Inner Sphere/urban center

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Players Book

Both booklets are 64 pages.

Gamemasters Book

Mech Forms Book

Cards and Counters


A single sheet of paper has a quick guide to the maps. The 4 maps are double-sided.

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