In 1984, TSR Hobbies released its licensed Indiana Jones RPG. Alas, a popular movie franchise didn’t translate to a profitable RPG, and the game line was cancelled a year later. However, several adventure modules released during that time: The IJ series.

My profile of the core box set:

The IJ modules came at a time when TSR was experimenting with a pair of new features: Fold-up figures and the Magic Viewer system.

The Fold-up figures came in sheets to be cut by the buyer, and then folded and taped into 3-D miniatures. The Magic Viewer system consisted of maps and module entries overlaid by a red pattern obscuring the information. These details would be revealed when seen through a clear red plastic strip.

Added to these elements were the usual pull-out player handout pages (Evidence Files – themselves often meant to be cut apart) and folded poster maps. This meant the IJ modules had a LOT of parts that were easily lost over the years. It is sadly common for the modules to be missing pieces in the used market.

This post is intended to provide collectors with reference photos to check completeness.

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For the complete product line in detail: Indiana Jones page at my classic RPG reference site.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (IJ1)

24 pages booklet + map + three-panel cover with cut-outs on overleaf. Evidence File pullouts in the center of the booklet (4 pages).

Raiders of the Lost Ark (IJ2)

32 pages (including 12 page Evidence File pullouts) + fold-out map [Flying Wing airstrip] + 3-panel cover with cut-outs on overleaf

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Death (IJ3)

16 page booklet + 4 page Evidence File (a separate folded sheet) + poster map + Magic Viewer.

This is the first IJ module using the Magic Viewer. These little strips seemed designed to be lost, and are the most frequently missing component.

Indiana Jones and the Golden Goddess (IJ4)

16 pages + 2nd cover with vehicle cut-outs + poster map + Magic Viewer strip.

They went crazy with the Magic Viewer in IJ4. Entries are on the map, printed right in the booklet, and even on the inside cover panel.

Indiana Jones and the Nepal Nightmare (IJ5)

16 pages + 2nd cover with vehicle cut-outs + poster map.

Note this copy doesn’t have the poster map. Sorry!

Indiana Jones and the 4th Nail (IJ6)

16 pages + poster map + 3-panel sheet of cutouts + 2 page character dossiers + Magic Viewer strip.

Judge’s Survival Pack (IJAC1)

16 pages + 3 stapled sheets of cut-outs.

The Indiana Jones RPG set didn’t have character creation rules! That absence is remedied here in IJAC1. (Visit my Indiana Jones page to see the chargen sheet)

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