Here is a story, and some photos, of a very special D&D Woodgrain set (credit: Marcelo Gonçalves)
“Hi Wayne, this is Marcelo, your customer from Brazil. I hope the you and your family are doing great. Happy new year for you guys. I went to a expo here in São Paulo, Brazil and found some relic D&D stuff. To took some pictures to send to you since I know you are fan of really vintage games. Dave Arneson came to Brazil during the 90’s to join the launch of D&D by Devir (local publisher). He became friend of the owner of the publisher and gave him some books of his personal collection as a gift. They are the ones in the pictures below. I don’t think they will sell, since I suspect the owner of the company passed away. So, I was amazed by seen some of those books here. Enjoy the pictures and have a great year. I’m a big fan of Wayne’s Book. Best regards.”

Dave Arneson D&D woodgrain set 4

Dave Arneson D&D woodgrain set 1

Dave Arneson D&D woodgrain set 2

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