The 1st print of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Screen has a different look to it than the more commonly seen later sets.

Instead of two 3-panel screens, the 1st print has a 2-panel screen and a 4-panel screen.

The Acaeum goes into more detail:

No cover art. “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” is printed in large letters, centered across the top front cover. Copyright on cover is simply listed as “1979”. Wizard logo. Paper stock is thinner than later versions (reportedly “a little thicker than a module cover”). Consists of two screens; one 11″x17″ (psionic tables and the “cover”) and one 11″x34″ (combat & saving throws and a reproduction of the cover art from the original Players Handbook). The “front side” of both screens (the side facing the players) is laminated; the “back side” of the screens, with the charts, is plain.

1st ed AD&D 1st prt screens back

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