St. Regis Binder: AD&D Player’s Handbook Cover

Interesting item over at eBay right now; you don’t see this every day. St. Regis printed licensed folders and binders for (A)D&D ca. 1981.

Sold for $110.50 on Apr 05, 2014.

St Regis Player's Handbook cover binder back

Dungeons & Dragons Portfolios

added March 6, 2020

D&D Portfolio Set

In addition to the binder, St. Regis also released a set of official Dungeons & Dragons portfolios in 1981.

Fairly common school supplies in their time, the vast majority were destroyed in the course of normal use and discarded, so they are hard-to-find today. Measuring 9 1/2″ x 12 1/8″, each of the 4 has a different fantasy scene painted by Alex Nuckols, repeated front and back.

D&D Portfolios in the shop

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D&D Portfolio Set 03
A set of portfolios that came through the shop in Jan 2014
D&D Portfolio expl room
D&D Portfolio man cliff dragon
D&D Portfolio man spear dragon
D&D Portfolio man sword water
D&D Portfolio Interior
AD&D Portfolio auction 4

In my research for today’s update, I found a 1982 St. Regis Advanced Dungeons & Dragons “Playing Aids Portfolio”. (Link)  This one is new to me, probably quite rare

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