I’ve had this probably-copied SNF for a while. Recently got into contact with Rich Tucholka  (hat tip to Paul Czege for help with that). Long story short, Rich says he thinks it’s not real, but authorized me to sell it anyway. If the buyer sends it to him, he’ll sign it, and send back some extras with it.

So I’m going to give it away instead. Do a little contest. Google+ exclusive.

1. USA-ONLY  Super sorry, but with the mailing back-and-forth, international won’t work.
2. Comment/post a number on this thread, between 1 and 100. On Friday, I’ll roll percentile dice. Closest guess wins. If there is a tie, we’ll do a run-off.
3. Winner gives me their mail address. I’ll give ’em Rich’s contact info. (Yeah, I could mail it to Rich, and have him send it to you… but I’d just prefer to mail it to the winner and let them sort things out.)
Good luck!