Thousand Suns Rulebook. James Maliszewski, 2011

Recently bought myself a copy of the Thousand Suns RPG in hardcover (I’ll abbreviate it “TS” from here). I’ve had the pdf for quite a while, but the problem with pdfs is that they’re easy to acquire, and easy to ignore.

I’d always assumed that TS was a Traveller clone, but that’s not the case. I think it’s more accurate to say that Traveller and TS draw from the same source material, the classic sci-fi of the 50s to the 70s; “Imperial Science Fiction,” the book is subtitled. But I’ll leave the review to others, as I’m only a few chapters in at the moment.

I just wanted to express my admiration for the understated simplicity of the rulebook. I see a lot of RPGs, and poor graphical layout is the graveyard of many good concepts. TS is written and organized in a clean and logical fashion, yet lively and engaging as well. TS draws you in.

I’m happy to see so much art from David R. Deitrick, one of my favorite sci-fi artists.


Thousand Suns can be bought as pdf/softcover/hardcover at DTRPG


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